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                OF CRAFTMANSHIP
                Discover our AMELS Heritage »

                AMELS and DAMEN at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018

                At the Monaco Yacht Show, VOLPINI 2, KAMALAYA and POWER PLAY will showcase the growing portfolio of luxury yachting solutions offered by AMELS and DAMEN. From 26 to 29 September, we have a strong... Read more

                New AMELS 180 sold with spring 2019 delivery

                Dutch luxury yacht builder AMELS is proud to announce the sale of a new 55-metre AMELS 180 (180 ft) from the AMELS Limited Editions range. With delivery of the yacht in spring 2019, the owner will... Read more

                The world's most successful 55-metre superyacht to showcase at the Monaco Yacht Show

                AMELS will be showcasing the AMELS 180, the most successful yacht in its class, at the Monaco Yacht Show from 26 to 29 September. The 55-metre yacht named EJI (180 ft) became the 22nd AMELS 180 from... Read more

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